12 thoughts on “Hither Woods / 2

  1. The snow was certainly your friend for this photograph. Love the delineation of the snow-covered branches in the dark area and the delineation of the dark branches against the sky. The arced line of the hill crest is appealing. A really lovely photograph.

    1. That actually isn’t snow, (we’ve had next to none this winter). Winged Sumac, with its pale bark, can look pretty frosty in monochrome. I’m happy that you mentioned the branches against the sky and the arced line of hill because that’s where the music is for me as well. Thanks for commenting.

  2. It’s gorgeous, that light on the wiggly branches. This really has the feeling of etching, the way the detail is maintained throughout the frame. There’s a whole universe here!

    1. Etching– I hadn’t thought of that; a good observation! I did have tintypes in mind for this group. As I think I mentioned when I met you last year, I keep a small group of historic photographs (mostly portraits) in a couple of spots around the home. It’s a rotating daily display (very amusing to Marguerite). When I was working on these two pieces, I had an 1890’s portrait of a woman next to the monitor for inspiration. I find those 19th century tones and patinas so interesting…

      1. I do remember – that impressed and surprised me. The tones and patinas I can see for sure but I can’t help thinking that something of the strange emotional tone in those old photographs appeals, too. The odd mix of formality and intimacy? It’s hard to put into words.

  3. I really like the Hither Woods series but this one in particular for those winged sumac bushes. I think I mentioned Nicholas Herbert’s mixed media English landscapes to you a couple of weeks ago…the sumac branches remind me of little details he often adds that I find appealing. Their exaggerated branching brings an abstract feel to this image.

    1. I took a longer look at Herbert’s work today with an eye for how he works delicate details into the small corners of his landscapes. I agree, it’s a wonderful technique. I’m working on another series that I shot in this same park yesterday and I’ll try to think of details a bit more as I make selections. Thanks for commenting. It’s always nice to hear from you, Mic. 😊

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