6 thoughts on “Hither Woods / 3

    1. An excellent question (and one which makes me feel like I should starting writing again). 😊 I’ve had an interest in 19th century photography for years and the inspiration for this series is drawn, in part, from tintypes. Maybe you recall the small metal photographs of long-gone relatives? Technically speaking, they weren’t tin; they’re thin sheets of lacquered iron, and because of that, the earlier name “ferrotypes” is more accurate.

      Tintypes were a direct positive. The light-sensitive metal was exposed within a camera (actually producing a negative image), but because the tintype’s surface is dark metal, the transparent areas appear black and the image looks like an under-exposed positive. That’s the inspiration for the missing whites and compressed tonal range.

      As I mentioned to Lynn in the previous post, those old print types are rich with melancholy, and to me, many develop a profound loveliness over time. As Susan Sontag observed, this aspect of photography is independent of the original intent of the photographer.

      I collect these images and while working on this series I kept an 1890 portrait of a woman next to my monitor.

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