19 thoughts on “Shining Rapids

    1. Thanks! This small group of Adirondack images are unpublished photographs from a few years ago. I’m sure you can relate to that familiar blogging dilemma: you return from a seasonal trip, and by the time you sit down to edit your work the season has come and gone. 😄

      1. Yes! Or you post photos from the trip, plan to post more, something else comes up, and all those wonderful impressions from the trip begin to fade. I think I have more from our trip to Utah last spring that I could post. I’m glad you went back and rounded these up.

  1. Interesting! I would have said I have seen this image before. Or maybe one similar to it taken at the same time? It is such a striking photograph with the dynamic foreground, the metallic sheen in the middle, and the soft, quiet water and light in the background. Wonderful! I have really been enjoying all your posts for the last few weeks, John.

    I still haven’t gotten used to the “rigidly chronological” nature of blogs. I suspect it is mostly self-imposed but it is powerful…

    1. If anyone questions your memory skills, have them speak to me. I did post this image in 2018 (and you graciously commented then as well). I’m sorry, and a little embarrassed for the oversight. While working on this file, I was thinking I’d posted a horizontal from the same river, but was unable to locate it, probably because I was looking in the wrong month. Here’s the original post, in its very different treatment, a metaphor for our mercurial vision even with respect to our own work:

      Monument Falls

    2. You’re right, I think, about the chronological framework being self-imposed. When I post older images (as I have this past week), sometimes there’s a sense of violating protocol. The problem with that, is it can lead to treating older images something like quarts of milk past their expiration dates. That can be frustrating, and especially so, if the images have never been uploaded. On the other hand, the blogging experience does keep us moving forward… 😊

    3. …after comparing them side-by-side, I see they’re actually two RAW files taken only seconds apart. The sun was more pronounced in the 2018 version, and a wider aperture and a faster shutter speed resulted in the soft-focus background and more detailed water in the one from this past week. Interesting!

  2. The thoughts about blogging chronicity remind me of the pressure on fine artists by galleries to always be producing new work. And after they die, the older work sometimes becomes more valuable! It’s a mind game. One always feels one should be “making progress.” But like you, I do appreciate the ways that blogging keeps us moving forward though.

    1. “Chronicity” … great word. And that’s an excellent point: even earlier editions by Ansel Adams are worth more than his later prints of the same images. Almost seems counterintuitive…

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