16 thoughts on “Autumn Portal

    1. There is a bit of a spiral there, nicely observed! Although this image looks like it could have been taken in a wooded area near a yard, it was from several miles out on the Northville-Placid Trail, one of the wilder places I’ve visited in NYS.

      1. I like those curved branches on the left and the colors are like stained glass.
        That does look like a tall tree back there. I’ve never been that far – OK, looking at the map I see Fort Ticonderoga is as far north and we went there on a vacation road trip when I was a kid. Always ate at Howard Johnsons on those trips, it seems, and I loved the sandwich bread buns they used for hot dogs. 🙂

      1. Just inside the Syracuse city line; grades 1 – 6. There were woods right behind our house. Our street was being extended for a housing development. I liked exploring the woods to look for “Indian caves” and trilliums or riding my bike to construction sites and walking through framed-out houses on the weekends when no one was around. It was a good place to be at that time, for that age. Then we moved to western NY for a few years, then to suburban NJ for high school. Didn’t like NJ but did like the proximity to NYC. 🙂

        1. Wow, your description of what you were up to grades 1-6 sounds remarkably close to what I was up to grades 1-9 including the development extensions and solo explorations of framed-out homes. My adventures: west coast of FL, just north of Ian’s track.

          Where in NJ were you?

        2. Now I remember you saying you spent time down there…wouldn’t you know that some of the same phenomena grabbed both of us? We were in Mountain Lakes, near Boonton – Morris County. After we three kids graduated from high school my parents stayed there another ten years or so, then retired to western NC, near Asheville. That suited them better than the Jersey suburbs. I tried living down there but couldn’t tolerate the culture – it was just too close-minded.

  1. I’m commenting all over your blog again, but I can’t help it, this is just beautiful – a portal indeed – I wish I could see this really large to see all those details!

      1. Oh thanks John! Great to see it like this – so many different areas of interest and movement – feels like your eye can start in many different points and get taken off in a lovely dance – love that tiny burst of sunlight coming through at the top left, and how it pours down the branches into colour.. Something about that top right brings to mind some illustrations in old children’s books too, not exactly sure why.. ! So much to see as always – thanks for sharing!

        1. Absolutely! So grateful to have had a wood near to us when I was little, starting from gazing up into the canopies from my pushchair and then walking and rolling and grabbing great wet chunks of leaves, the lovely smell of them, making little houses out of sticks – I think I still feel all the same sensations as then, especially in Autumn..we all need woods!

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