11 thoughts on “Extended Arm

  1. This gorgeous tree pays tribute to the under appreciated red cedar, a stately inhabitant of the Red Creek area of the Long Island Pine Barrens. Beautiful.

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    1. Mapplethorpe’s “selfies” run the gamut, but that one, with its nod to Adam in the Sistine Chapel. is a particularly funny one.

      Yes, Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginiana). Coincidentally, in this same vicinity are some of the most notable stands in NYS of Atlantic White Cedar as well.


      1. I love the look of that wood. The Seaside juniper (used to be Rocky Mtn juniper until they realized it’s a separate species) has very sharp, needle-like foliage in the first few years and develops the typical flattened, scale-like leaves later. It’s thought that this protects against deer browsing in the early years – and on the lower branches, which are easier for them to reach but retain sharp foliage. You should look for that in the Red & white cedars.


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