24 thoughts on “Lane in Gray

    1. Thanks– quite an interesting comment, Mary-Ann. Whether it’s my own work or someone else’s, the “meaning” of a lot of my favorite photographs is hard to pin down. Glad you’re feeling better!

  1. This and the last image have a really nice feel to them, like subtle graphite drawings. They’re really beautiful. And you can tell it’s you who’s taken them.

  2. Wow, it’s fantastic (and the other one, too). I like that it’s so sculptural, but there is all that tracery of the branches, too. And it looks like it leaped out of another century.

    1. Thx Lynn. I’ve been looking at a lot of work by the Photo Secessionists lately and I think all that low-contrast and toning is creeping into my treatments. I’m happy with the feeling of this one, although it’s not exactly an upbeat melody.

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