19 thoughts on “Air of Beech and Pine

  1. I like the beech shot… might as well get as many as you can before they all die! Our property is looking sad, they’re dying quickly.

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  2. Wow, I absolutely love this, John. I remember the fresh green of thin, new Beech leaves and I’ve looked up into trees in spring and seen those layers, but never like this. The way the branches circle around is great. Something striking to me is that at a quick glance, this has a black and white – I mean, almost pure white and pure black – look. But when you stay with it all the in-between tones come through. It’s hard to explain. I love the way it plays with perspective, too, going from flat to deep and back again. I won’t be deleting this email anytime soon.

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    1. Thanks for this nice comment. There was high contrast here looking up toward the sun through the leaves so I used the color sliders (in black and white) to tone down the yellows and greens slightly and did something similar to keep the blue in the sky from going totally white. Finally, I made an effort to keep those trunks black, but not totally black. Hope all that makes sense!

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      1. That totally makes sense – I understand and it’s always interesting to know a little about how someone processed an image in LR. I remember when I discovered what the color sliders do to black and white photos – it was very exciting. 😉 What a great effect all those choices (mainly the first choice to look up!) made.

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        1. The sliders need to be used very gently otherwise unwanted noise becomes an issue. And it seems like avoiding noise is more successful from SilverEfex so I tend to do that work from there.

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