13 thoughts on “Wildwood / Beach & Sound 2

    1. Yes, and the Atlantic breakers on the other side of this island I live on. If you’ve never been to the US, this picture was taken on Long Island Sound (looking toward the state of Connecticut). Long Island is the 120 mile-long island that extends east from NYC.

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      1. Ah, sheltered from the big waves. I have been in the USA quite a few times, but always on the move and going somewhere, never time to stop and really see. Every place has its great beauty, and by means of such posts one can appreciate these shared precious moments. Thanks.

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        1. I’ve never been to South America, (although my wife is from Central America). Your pictures and text have really piqued my interest in Peru. We watched a documentary about Gauguin last night — I didn’t realize he’d grown up there…

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        2. John, that is amazing, I never knew that! And he remained in Peru until he was seven years old! Thanks for the info. Which country does your wife come from?

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        3. The program made the case that Gauguin’s adventures in Tahiti were an effort to recapture some of the magic from his childhood years in Peru.

          She’s from Belize (which was still British Honduras when she was born there)


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