16 thoughts on “Wildwood / Beach & Sound

  1. You really pull a lot out of a relatively small part of the earth. I’m thinking about how much variety you show in eastern Long Island scenes. It’s a beautiful place, no doubt, but you really know it well and that shows.


    1. Thanks. I’ve been turning the gaze to the North Fork, Riverhead and Wildwood recently (just west of the North Fork). Spent any time there during your NY years?


      1. No, I would have liked to have explored all the east end more. I hardly ever got to the North Fork at all. The most time I spent on eastern LI was when I lived at the Zen Community (early-mid 80s) and we made sales calls and deliveries out there for our bakery, which was the livelihood of the community. I loved it when I had to drive the truck out there and make deliveries, it didn’t happen often enough! 🙂 Joe remembers it was all potato farms when he was out there in the 70s.


      2. No, I’ve hardly ever been to the North Fork or Riverhead. I spent the most time on Eastern LI when I lived at the Zen Community of NY, in the early-mid 80s. Our livelihood was Greyston Bakery and we made sales calls & deliveries out there. I was always really happy if I had to do a sales call or drive the truck out for deliveries. Joe remembers the North Fork when it was all potato farms, in the 70s, when he went to college at Southampton. So long ago.


        1. I recall you telling me about your truck deliveries when you were with Bernie Glassman’s community. That must have been an interesting period in your life on multiple levels. Many of those potato farms on the North Fork are now vineyards. And Southampton College is now a satellite campus for Stony Brook.


        2. Yes, Joe was saying it’s all vineyards now but maybe there are one or two potato farmers left? He always laughs about his college disappearing and I can’t begin to describe the ways those years at ZCNY were interesting and valuable.

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