17 thoughts on “Dusk For Käsebier

  1. This breathtaking image feels like a timeless lament. I had to look up Kasebier – I’m familiar with some of her photographs but hadn’t remembered her name. Using this title for an image that doesn’t feature people or women but instead has the haunting feeling of a place untouched for decades is brilliant.

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      1. That IS thrilling – thanks for the link. That light! The way it falls on her dress, the shadows spreading across the lawn, her head in deep shade. It gets across the essence of a summer day but it’s more than that. I love that she’s sketching.

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  2. Beautiful. Looks like a painting. Great image of some survivors in the beleaguered pine barrens on going
    struggle to ward off the ravages wrought by the pine bark beetle. Here they stand tall and determined amidst the carnage.

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