13 thoughts on “Samp Hollow

  1. This one appeals to me a lot, concentrated light in the center with a face emerging, line play from the trunks and the sense of depth with all the leaves. Viewing the image in full size certainly gives even more dimensions.


  2. I really like this image, John. It is so wonderfully complex, full of hidden details to look for. The shallow water in the foreground, for example; in the shadows we see the surface reflections of the trees overhead but in the sunlight, the leaf covered bottom.

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  3. Another interesting name – you find so many of them! And the image is lovely, with those underwater leaves and soft reflections. It all looks very fertile, as if many living things are “brewing” there.

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    1. Samp… these days, it’s pretty much an archaic local term for hominy. When we first moved here 35 years ago, we’d hear it mentioned occasionally in conversations with Bonac friends in Springs. So much of that colorful vernacular has disappeared.

      This spot is not well-known; a secluded kettle hole which was full of singing Peepers when I took this picture a few days ago.


      1. I just heard my first peeper somewhere behind our house yesterday – such a wonderful sign of spring, isn’t it? I’m amazed that you even heard some of that local dialect 35 years ago. I’m sure you feel lucky for the little bits that came your way. I love those differences that adhere to specific places. They’re important.

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