16 thoughts on “The Jet Tones

    1. So…there’s two (retired) jets there on platforms which support them high off the ground. To me, a wonderful opportunity for surreal framing. 🙂

        1. Thanks. It’s not subject matter that I would normally find uplifting. My brother and I were on a bike ride on a trail that encircles the shuttered defense plant and the unexpected sight of the jets on display was startling and, at least from the POV from my lens… compelling.

  1. This is where Joe went skydiving…once. He says he saw a huge 8-point deer there. And he says “Hi!”
    I just never know what you’re going to do next…

      1. Me too. He keeps a photo from that day on the wall. It was a challenge he wanted to face. My son and his girlfriend did it, too and of course, I worried. What a strange image you made, with the clouds lined up and the trees around the edges, not to mention the nose pointing down. It commands attention.

        1. Admittedly, this threatening subject matter is not the norm for me. But I feel the image speaks clearly, and the straight black and white treatment certainly has plenty of company here at my website.

          Ever since digital photography landed, I feel a tug toward more eclecticism, and it seems many of my blogging friends (you included 🙂) are going through something similar. Maybe it keeps us young and alert. 😄

  2. I’ve never been one to settle into one thing and I stopped regretting that I’m not the sort of person who might be known for one style or subject matter a while ago. I love that you surprise us, that keeps everyone on their toes. 🙂

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