12 thoughts on “Turkey Tail

    1. I had the same reaction to those greens. The palette of this species is interesting. As is the variation found in the palette. Does the range of Turkey Tail extend to Nova Scotia?

        1. A lot of our Pitch Pines have been infected with the Southern Pine Beetle, and if there’s a silver lining, it’s these colorful mushrooms showing up on many of the fallen logs.

  1. A wonderful natural example of Orphic Cubism. Absolutely fantastic. It makes you realize that abstraction art can be found in the realist world.

    1. Great comment, although I had to look up Orphic Cubism to remind myself what it was. 😄 I like to think that creative ideas that sprang up in cities, salons and universities ultimately have a common ancestor in natural forms.

    1. I hadn’t thought of that but you’re onto something with that observation. As I mentioned to Chris up above, we’re getting an abundance of these mushrooms on fallen logs due to the Southern Pine Beetle infestation. Lemonades from lemons, as it were.

      1. I guess but it’s too bad about the infestation. They certainly are attractive fungi and you did something really special with them here. I also like the tension between the 2-dimensional look and the way the fungi at the top recede. More! 😉

        1. Noted!

          About the infestation: it’s been patchy around Eastern LI, with the pine woods in East Hampton Township getting hit the hardest. Much of the 100,000 acre Central Pine Barrens is seeing far less of it so far, but we shall see. Because I love Pitch Pines so much, I’m trying to shoot as many images as I can in the various related habitats . Even if the beetles die off and most of the woods remain untouched, it will be nice to have such an archive.

      2. A photo like this really elaborates on the story of what’s going on with the trees or from a future point of view, what was going on at one time. It’s nice that you’re concentrating on them in a comprehensive way.

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