10 thoughts on “Elisha’s Valley / 3

      1. You probably don’t realize how your photographs can change the way people see…today at home and later when I was in the car, I saw two scenes in the old tintype style. Both were areas that don’t have single, stand-out features and are hard to compose mentally. But I saw that delicate, winding, linear softness and I could imagine them the way this series is photographed. It was nice.

      2. Actually, I let those moments go without the camera but I wanted you to know that a big tangle of vegetation outside the window by the computer looked very different for a little while, and then, driving through a park it happened again. 🙂

  1. Stunning work. I could go through every image and hit the like button, but that just diminishes the simple awe that each one inspires. It will be a joy to follow your work and vision.

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