7 thoughts on “Shake / 1

    1. Thanks. I spent a few days on this project and was surprised at the variety of possible effects using a wide angle (my 12mm M. Zuiko). Because of the wideness of that field of view, objects closest to the camera (or on the outside of a rotation) are blurring at dramatically different speeds than other objects in the picture. It was fascinating…☺

      1. Thanks for the reply. The blurred photos in my last post (Continuum) were made with that lens. I liked what happened but I hadn’t thought through the “why” of it. What you said makes sense and now I’ll try to be more conscious of that effect when I use that lens for blurred images. Mostly I’ve used the 60mm macro (the one that you know I tend to use a lot!). For months now, I’ve been bringing the 12mm almost every time I go out along with the 60mm. I want to increase my familiarity and skill with a wider angle. It’s been a really good exercise.

        1. Interesting, I didn’t realize you’d picked up a 12mm. I was thinking you had the 14mm. That’s great that you’re hearing the sound of wider views. 😊

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