11 thoughts on “Dusk at Cuffee’s Landing

  1. For a quiet scene there sure is a lot going on here – it seems like all kinds of colors are present, for example. And the composition is balanced but not at all static. How do you do that? 😉 Gorgeous!

    1. With this picture, and others like it, I’m thinking of the square format C prints I made over the years. And when I shot this two days ago, specific images from David Plowden’s “Floor Of The Sky” came to mind. Back in the 70’s, those color photographs he was creating out on the great plains were like a guiding light for me. Sadly, that book has been out of print for years.

      1. That’s interesting, thanks for explaining some of your thinking. I did notice the square format and you might remember that I said not long ago that it’s not one I generally like – but it works beautifully here. Plowden is yet another photographer you have mentioned that I’m not familiar with so thanks for that. 🙂

        1. Being an uncommon format, it seems to benefit at times from the lack of obviousness. Much like Callahan, Plowden seemed to favor it. And Diane Arbus who created an incredible counterpoint of meaning within that balanced square.

        2. Instagram spoiled the square format for me – obviously not totally because I still respond positively to some square photographs. I haven’t been on there or looked at it in a long time now but for several years, I posted there and looked at other photographers’ posts. I grew tired of the “insta” part and the square format along with it. In retrospect, my time would have been better spent studying people like Callahan and many other master photographers. A counterpoint of meaning within the square format is a really interesting comment about Arbus. Thanks, John.

        3. I’m not on Instagram, and with few exceptions, hardly ever visit. It’s safe to say I’ve misspoken greatly by describing the square format as uncommon. But then again we’re in an era where an astonishing number of images are made every second. It’s hard to stand still long enough for serious contemplation.

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