Town Pond Unicef Card (30th Anniversary)

It occurred to me yesterday that the photograph I took many years ago of the Town Pond Christmas tree here in East Hampton is not present at my website. Since it’s been thirty years since the picture was published by Unicef and because they continue to do the wonderful work they do, it seemed like a good time to share some pics of the original card.

About that tree:

Here on eastern Long Island, several towns have a tradition of floating a Christmas tree on a platform in their village ponds. In addition to the one in my picture, there’s one in Sag Harbor in Otter Pond and I believe Southampton used to have one at Agawam. If it freezes during the holiday season, the trees play host to ice skaters and the East Hampton tree did have some broken blue lights one year courtesy of a hockey puck.

My picture was taken in 1989 on 120 color negative film with a fixed-lens Fuji Wide60 (a camera which is currently living in the basement with my Hasselblads). The image was published twice by Unicef (once in the United States in ’92 and later in Europe in ’94). 

This years’ Unicef cards can be ordered here.


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