12 thoughts on “Last Woods at Hubbard Creek

    1. Thanks Lynn. I keep remembering tintypes; that look which has been called “dull-toned” (but not by me) 😊
      It seemed like an interesting idea, softening the curve in the most contrasty of circumstances– facing the low autumn sun.

      1. I’m glad you described some of your thinking, it’s very interesting. I often think about contrast with your work because one of the distinctive aspects that I notice (and admire) is the smooth tonal gradations and softer contrast that you do so well. I seem to be drawn toward stronger contrast. I’ve asked myself how much of that comes from my subject matter, i.e., could there be more contrast in nature here? Kind of an odd question. And what you said reminds me that no, strong contrast is everywhere. You can choose what to do with it. Not that I intend to reduce the contrast in contrasty scenes that I find, but maybe I can enlarge the possibilities.

        1. Working with contrast was a thorny task in the darkroom. These days, choosing what to do with it has enormous possibilities… and that’s a good thing, I think.

  1. Sublime! Captivating! Words indeed, but putting them into a more specific meaning, I found myself opening the image, …. stopping, …. and looking, and looking….. ……captivating!

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