10 thoughts on “Setting Sail

    1. This was actually shot facing toward the sun (looking down) with a longer focal length. Because of that, the pond surface picked up contrast. Some of the others I posted, such as “Shaping Up,” were taken at the same spot, but a few minutes earlier when the sun was behind a cloud. Very different look, especially the contrast. Thanks for the visit!

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    1. Thanks. It’s not a well-known pond here. For years, it was tucked back in the woods and home to a dog kennel. It’s now town park land, which is nice, although it’s amazing how many locals don’t have a clue where it is. 😊

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      1. That keeps it nice and quiet for you. As you may have gathered, there’s a busy state park here on Fidalgo Is. and local parks, too. People come up from Seattle and other places to visit the state park (Deception Pass) and it gets busy in the summer or on nice weekends anytime. (Busy is a relative term!). There’s a county park that’s never busy. It attracts folks from the general area. There are extensive community forest lands that most non-residents don’t even know about. They’re not on the shoreline so I guess that lowers interest in them. And finally, there’s a great park owned by the city of Anacortes right on the water, a prime spot, that is heavily used by locals but again, not well-known by others. We cherish the less well-known places. But then there are always times when the state park is practically empty or places within it that no one visits. So many choices. You just have to care enough to dig. Same where you are, I think.


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