11 thoughts on “Writing The Rails

  1. These last few images would make a great show. Similar but completely different. Each shot stands strongly by themselves. Touché master photographer John.

    1. Thanks Ed– I agree, they are compatible. A few years ago I did a show with two friends and hung about 15 semi-abstractions from those galleries on my sidebar called “Drift” and “Bog Shapes.” It was a lot of fun printing those pieces big, and also making selections that fit with the other artists’ work (one was printing huge Gyotaku pieces and the other was a modernist painter). As always, I appreciate your comments and your POV as a professional painter.

    1. Thanks 😊

      To me, there is a bit of a Rorschach effect in this picture- I keep seeing what looks like a reverse Om symbol in those bluish forms in between the faint block letters. Hence, “Devanagari Mirror.”
      The weird thing is, I didn’t notice those fading black letters (M40B/NYC) until this morning.

  2. This one’s a puzzler, which I like. Is the dark area a shadow or not? I don’t think so but the doubt keeps me looking. And the strange, aqua & yellow marks are from another place, they don’t belong. I like that, too.
    I had no idea what devanagari means and after googling, I suspect I should wait til after I have coffee to think about that.
    I just read the comments and had to work to find the letters you mentioned that are the cause of the mysterious marks – cool! But now I’m sorry I see them, I like the shapes without reading too much into them..

    1. That dark area in the center is in fact a shadow (and I hope that helps the picture read better). Since there’s already enough to digest here without a trip to Google, I’ve changed the title of this post to “Writing the Rails” (which partners nicely with my “Reading the Rails).” 😊

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