6 thoughts on “Morning From the Hedgerow

  1. I smile, knowing that I would have moved to one side or the other to get the branches away from the house – but you know I love this. It works, the branches tie foreground to background. Such lovely colors, too. I always learn something here.

    1. Good comment! For me, that partial veil of branches conveys a feeling that there’s an observer in the foreground, and that provides kindling for any number of narratives.

      When a story is the goal, the wide angle is an adept story-teller. 😊

      1. That’s a good “Todaro quote.” I think you know that I don’t use wide-angle lenses much. I need to work with them more to learn how to make the most of them – it often feels like too much in the frame, overwhelming. But I guess if I practice more that would go away.

        1. You’ve got the feel for your 60mm macro. You know how it responds to space and what to expect from new situations. That sort of rapport with any lens is wonderful.

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