14 thoughts on “Diamond Notch Falls

    1. All good to hear, humidity included. I’ve noticed that the deepest woods in the Northeast seem blanketed in an interesting mix of warmth and darkness in mid-summer. Maybe it’s the advanced age of the forest in so many spots… a good thing.

      1. I hate being rushed taking photos, I like to soak a place up first and try to capture that emotion in the image. It really looks like that is what you have done here, I can almost smell it!

      1. They’re so different here – I don’t see limestone (?) ledges like this one. They must be nice to work with because they have so much inherent structure. This is such an inviting, calming scene.

        1. The cliffs do have structure and there’s often glacial erratics as well. The images in those early books by Elliot Porter do a good job with those rocks.

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