5 thoughts on “Graveside

    1. Glad you liked. I hadn’t been to this Park Service site in 40 years, and enjoyed it more than expected and found a lot to photograph. The drabness of this memorial bothered me at first, especially since my respect for Eleanor is at its high-water mark. On a hunch, I looked at the scene using the low-key “portrait” mode for color on the PEN F, and it tugged at me in a big way.

      Thanks for the comment.

      1. Interesting! That shows how struggling with something can elicit creative solutions that succeed.
        I haven’t played with the camera modes in a while – there’s so much that can be done in post. But thinking about it while you’re out shooting is a whole different way of working. Something I should try again.
        What would she have said/done about the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling??

        1. I don’t actually tend to use anything but the default “natural” mode for color, but for the last few years I’ve been selecting “portrait” for some mid-day situations. And you’re right– I discovered that application serendipitously, “Oh, wow… look what this mode does in all this harsh light.”

          At least we can feel free to imagine: Eleanor would’ve been our greatest president since Lincoln and her many wonderful supreme court appointments would have led to some of the fairest decisions in our history. 🤔🙂

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