14 thoughts on “Champlain Canoe

  1. The stillness that characterizes the image gives me as a 2D viewer a calm feeling for the place in 3D reality. On my way out or just arrived at the beach…..

    1. Interesting that you mention 3D, because I have a 155 year old stereoview taken in the White Mountains — a similar scene from the same neighborhood. 3D was on the minds of a majority of photographers during the medium’s childhood years.

        1. Sounds like a Viewmaster.

          When I get home tomorrow I’ll scan the stereoview from my collection and post a link for you here.

        2. Here’s the stereoview I was thinking of (taken by the Kilburn Brothers around 1870). The foreground really comes alive when seen in 3D.

        3. I tried printing one from a pair of cell phone pics a few years ago and it did actually work. You might able to use your viewer if you created a 3d view.

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