9 thoughts on “Trunk in Partial Light

    1. Thanks Ed. It was a curious somewhat-cubist semblance to a female form that caught my eye here, especially when seen in that bright patch of sun. I thought of Edward Weston’s pepper immediately, a picture which I’ve always admired, and similarly suggests a female seen from behind.

      Here’s the link to Weston’s wonderful image (taken 90 years ago):


  1. Still alive, struggling and striving, does not care about the changed appearance. The life force shines and we wonder what happened once upon a time.

    1. A superb reading…many thanks Hans. You might want to look at my response to Ed Hall above as well…Weston’s pepper definitely an inspiration.

  2. I remember looking at old trees when I was young and being sure some had human spirits frozen into them, this really has that quality! Age, strength and beauty..

    1. I hear you Cath– that uncanny connection with specific trees during those earliest years of childhood. Those memories can be quite durable, it seems… the best kind.

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