10 thoughts on “St. Regis Court

  1. This is really a striking photograph, John. I have revisited it several times since you posted it. The light and shadow, the road leading into some mysterious place around the bend, and I think maybe the tree against the clouds all combine to give depth that is reminiscent of the old stereoscopes or View-Masters.

    1. Thanks Mic, I was happy to read your comment. I’m not that familiar with View-Master images, but I do spend a lot of time with stereoviews, especially the earliest ones from 1860-1880. That look of a “mysterious place around the bend” owes a lot to that period, I think, and to stereoviews in general. And beyond the subjects, I think there’s a wealth of unintended meaning in the aging process… lovely and sad in ways the photographers didn’t conceive.

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