6 thoughts on “Winterlight

    1. This picture brings me back to an April sea kayak trip I made to those bluffs over on Shelter Island around twenty years ago. The water was frigid. Splendid solitude.

  1. This is a powerful photograph, pulling up an emotional response I can’t quite put my finger on. A longing, maybe anticipation of change , or even a little unease. Something just out of reach. The Japanese concept of Yugen comes to mind. It’s a positive response to this light, the sky, the clouds, the still water, and maybe the island just beyond.

    1. Thanks for such a thoughtful response. For most of us, finding any deep meaning in photography has become harder now that it has swept across our lives in the oceans of social media. It’s nice to see the focused attention that you devote to your own work is shared in your commentary with others.

      1. I am fortunate to have discovered some quiet coves and beaches that offer a lot opportunities for finding that deeper meaning of which you speak. Thanks for your kind reply, John.

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