1. Great storefront shops. A wonderful nostalgic feel. Also, nice to revisit this look that doesn’t include Target, McDonalds, Jiffy Lube and an array of gas stations that resemble giant pinball machines.
    Great work.

    1. Thanks Ed, thumbs up for this comment. Too much of the country has fallen into a helpless state of “stripmallification,” (a term I’ve been borrowing from a Bill Griffith Zippy comic strip for many years). He was referring to Long Island, but as you well know, we don’t have an exclusive on it.

  2. This picture is a tribute to Walker Evans’ depression FSA work. This could easily be a part of that series, one of my personal favorites. Though the history of the company store in America isn’t a nostalgic one, the picture keeps the history alive to be recognized and discussed. Well done.

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