28 thoughts on “Ice Work

        1. Can’t argue with that. (And I should’ve known better. You are clearly a man of taste and distinction)
          Live at Town Hall changed how I heard jazz (and music n general, for that matter).
          Love the extra tonal width of those arrangements.

        2. I’m guessing you’re referring to the arranger? I wasn’t familiar. Not quite that savvy. But I dated a gal in my twenties who was in an 8-piece a cappella group and I’m pretty sure their arranger took a few pages from that concert. Some crazy (but lovely) dissonance in the stuff they did. It is incredibly hard to sing a semi-tone off from the person singing right next to you!

  1. So this is what the Hamptons looks like in 2022? I lived on Long island for most of my life and worked out East painting for the rich and whatever. Thanks for taking me back a bit.

        1. My wife is from Levittown. I grew up in Florida…moved to E Northport during high school.

          Enjoyed seeing your work. Thanks again for the visit.

      1. Nice! The early 70s was when I was listening – almost always on the radio, KCR, BGO, etc. And WLIB but that wasn’t so much about jazz. Those were formative years to be in the city and I’m glad an SVA classmate pushed me in that direction.

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