10 thoughts on “The Branch on Little Long Pond

    1. You have the knack, it seems, for reading photographs in a way that cuts directly to meaning (and intention). It’s difficult for most of us to devote that sort of attention to anything online. Thanks so much Hans

      1. I usually express it as image inflation in this digital age. Sometimes your path crosses some images that are not a detonated cluster bomb. To be able to exchange thoughts about the meaning of the image is as valuable as its creation, in my opinion. As well as thinking about the image creator’s choice of image sections and what is not visible in the image. Too little of this exchange on social media unfortunately.

        1. Your cluster bomb analogy is befitting (especially when one considers that more photographs are taken every two minutes than in the first sixty years of photography). Your point about thought exchange is a good one. Value in photography is always enriched when viewer and artist connect with any sort of meaningful exchange. And your comment about the significance of things left out of the frame is wonderful. It would be fascinating to examine a group of well-known photographs through the lens of that idea.

      1. And you just were slammed again, I guess.
        Funny, for some reason I thought Hans was a Long Island resident. Instead of clicking on his name here, I googled him (before you replied ) and couldn’t find much. Now I realize he has a blog and yes, I’ll spend some time there – glad you mentioned it.

        1. There was a group of wonderful b/w ice pictures he posted about a month ago and I wanted to give you the link, but unfortunately I can’t find them now. 🤔

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