Goodbye 103


What was generally thought to be the tallest tree in NY State has recently fallen. The 160′ white pine was located in a difficult-to-find area near Paul Smith’s College in the northern Adirondacks. Since its discovery, the group of 350 year old pines has been called the the  Elder’s Grove and the tallest among them was “tree #103.” I was able to visit the tree on two occasions. This was taken in August 2016.



14 thoughts on “Goodbye 103

  1. What a great tribute. You’ve captured the majestic power of this magnificent tree. The image has a mountainous feel with the cloud formation in the background. Once again, it’s art.

  2. Thanks, John for sharing this stunning tree, which also represents the “falling” of our democracy. If you haven’t read the Overstory by Richard Powers, which is about a group of young people doing everything in their power to preserve our forests, I highly recommend it.

  3. Eventually, they come down but it’s a good thing when they’re allowed to fall naturally, in their own time. And a good thing when you can stand below a giant like this and look up, and up, and up. 🙂

  4. A giant tribute to a giant of nature. Very interesting back story. At least the fall of this pine wasn’t human caused.

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