10 thoughts on “High Dune / Hither Hills

  1. The play of light between the reed shadows and the highlights creates a wonderfully emotional image. Not to mention the glow at the top of the path. It has a Hitchcock melancholia. The melancholy said as a positive attribute of the picture.

    1. Thanks Ed– interesting comment. I am drawn to rmelancholy landscapes but I hadn’t thought of Hitchcock in that context. He was a master of contrast, especially in the midrange— and there’s that inimitable light.

    1. Thanks Donna. The beach at Hither Hills (and nearby Hither Woods) are place names that date back to the earliest English settlement here in the 1600s. It likely referred to “the hither side of town.” Like you, I’m a fan of those names. 😊

  2. This is a very hopeful image…that distant light, the upward movement, the round, open curves. Really nice, John! (And I see my take is different from Ed’s – which is why we say variety is the spice of life, I guess).

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