12 thoughts on “Sawmill / Fourth Detail

  1. I like how each of these four details has its own special character. The first, as I see it, is about shadows; the second about textured shapes; the third—the least abstract—about a wall with a window, shadow, and reflection; the fourth about rectangles and especially about the four windows within the panes of a window. A lovely series.

    1. Thanks Linda, I like the way you said that. It felt like playing jazz when I shot this group – thirty pictures in maybe fifteen minutes. For me, that sort of shooting is visceral.

  2. There’s so much to keep one’s interest here – the various textures, the shadow, the rust color, the wood, and then the perfect geometry of that wonderful reflection. A great series, John, and it was good to read your reply to Linda. It’s interesting to learn something about the photographer’s experience while s/he was behind the camera.

    1. Thanks Lynn. When shooting this one, I decided open up the aperture so that the 4 windows in the back are slightly out of focus. Not sure why, but I think it conveys more of a narrative feeling…

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