13 thoughts on “Low Light Beach

  1. Very very beautiful this sunset, John. You were right to rule out the obvious image of the sun. Looking at the scene you shot gives the mind a more fascinating vision and a more powerful sun.

    1. Thanks Linda.

      It was most interesting to me, because the sun shines on the beaches where we live from a different angle. When I took these three pictures on the NJ shore a few days ago, the sun rose due east (straight out of the ocean just about at the mid-way point). Because of the SW/NE axis of Long Island, we never see that at home. I felt like I was seeing a very familiar subject with an entirely new lighting arrangement. 😊

  2. You’re such a master at this kind of image – the light is smooth and transcendent, the composition pleasing, and the icing on the cake is the circles around the clumps of grass.

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