6 thoughts on “Outhouse and Cedar

  1. Great photo, John. Back in the early 1970’s when I was in college, I took a course on the cultural geography of Ohio. We were randomly paired off to work together on a project of our choosing. Two guys did a study of outhouses in southern Ohio…pretty amazing! 🙂. Your photograph brought that back to mind. As an aside to that story, the guy I was teamed up with in that class was a photography major. I got interested in photography while we were doing our field work (which, for the record, had nothing to do with outhouses). He worked part time at the campus camera shop and sold me my first 35mm camera.

    1. Great story. I’d imagine there were still plenty of outhouses around Ohio back then. Growing up in Florida in the 60’s, we had friends down the road who relied on one. Their house was situated near an abandoned orange grove with a tall palm tree out front. Wish I could see it all again.

      It sounds like we got our first 35mm cameras around the same time (1975 for me). It’s nice to hear that you have a lengthy connection to photography along with some pleasant memories. Thanks for commenting Mic.

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