11 thoughts on “Abandoned Tracks at Sabattis

  1. This really got my mind in a tangle, thoughts of Germany in the 1940’s.
    Funny how an innocent image can make the brain go off on a tangent. Then again probably because I have been re-reading some of Primo Levi’s books.
    No matter, it’s simplicity makes it captivating.

    1. Interesting that you mention that, because the same thing crossed my mind with the image I posted yesterday (and to some extent today as well, being that it’s the 11th). Photographs do send us off on tangents into unexpected places.

      Having hiked these abandoned tracks various times over the years, I’m lucky to have pleasant associations as well– it’s beautiful country. Thanks for the comment David!

  2. Really fine atmosphere…one could look at this for a long time. It takes me somewhere. (And happily, not where David L’s mind went, though it’s a coincidence that I just read The Periodic Table – for the first time though. What a book!).

  3. Wow! Thanks for this. I’ve walked these haunting, enticing tracks with the artist on a beautiful September day eons ago. It was one of those hikes where I didn’t want to turn back, with each new curve luring me onwardi, revealing a new vista. It’s nice to know the magic is still there, captured beautifully in this image.

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