7 thoughts on “Backstreet Bulbs

    1. Thanks Ed, I agree–this spot would make a good subject for a painting. 👍

      I like the way perspective is rendered in a scene like this with a telephoto lens. What caught my interest here is the bulbs and the way they’re drawn across those receding lines of perspective. Seems to me the picture would be less interesting without them

  1. That truncated depth of field is perfect for the buildings and lights. The worn-out atmosphere with the flag and the street disappearing into the distance makes for a good story. So many interesting details – I bet you could frame this 10 more ways and get 10 more images from it! I agree with your reply to Ed – the bulbs really add something.

    1. Truncated is a good word for it… telephoto music. I also like the way you describe it as “worn-out atmosphere”—a palette of mill-town colors, I think, but also the general state of summer humidity here in the NE. Thanks Lynn! Don’t know if I’m up to ten variations 🤔

      1. 🙂 Telephoto music, I like that. Mill-town colors, yes… I was thinking that it was nice (for us) that you stopped in towns on your way to/from the Adirondacks, taking advantage of their photographic possibilities, too. I’m enjoying seeing nature and townscapes.

        1. It’s actually been three trips. Happily, southern VT is only 130 miles away for us via the ferry to New London. Short trips are easy to put together (assuming there’s no hurricanes queued up). 🙂

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