10 thoughts on “House in the Northern Woods

  1. What a fantastic image. You’ve caught that weathered feeling that reminds me of those Midwest sandstorm photos. The difference is you got the same sad feeling in color. Touché

    1. Thanks a lot Ed. I wanted to fill the frame with this house head-on to give it a monolithic feel. Those 1930’s era photographs by Walker Evans (and others) are always an inspiration for this sort of subject, whether it’s east, west or in between. ☺

  2. Wow! Great picture in the tradition of Walker Evans’ FSA photos of the 30’s. Hard to believe this house still stands and its remoteness is inferred by its address: St. Lawrence County, far from any named burg. Great textural image that invites the viewer in, only to leave them with a lot of unanswered questions…Who lived here? When? Where did they work? Why did they leave? Awesome.

    1. Thanks PT. Not sure if you saw the comment above from Ed. Evans and other FSA photographers set the standard for photographing subjects like this. The way Evans, in particular, used long focal lengths on buildings has been inspiring me for decades.

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