4 thoughts on “Bridge Brook Pond

  1. Fascinating image! Your pictures become less photos and more in the realm of painterly artwork. Claude Monet would be enthralled by this piece. Not to mention the image is razor sharp. Delightful experience viewing it.

    1. Thanks Edđź‘‹

      It’s interesting how Monet’s development paralleled that of French photography and his friendship with Nadar is well-documented. He painted “Boulevard de Capucines” from Nadar’s studio window in 1873 and Nadar’s many portraits of the him are a great record of the painter’s changing physical appearance. Here’s a link to that painting:


  2. Such an interesting image where the “real thing” and the reflection compete on an equal basis, making me swing back and forth, somehow keeping me more interested. The interplay of those reflections with the plants is quite fascinating. I think the cool colors keep it all from getting too busy. Thanks, John, this image was fun to study.

    1. Thanks Lynn, good points. The reflections are from more pickerelweed outside the the picture at the top (not sure if that’s easy to figure out). I agree that a warmer look would’ve complicated this rather busy image considerably.

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