12 thoughts on “Little Tupper Boathouse

  1. Now you’re making us jealous. This image has so many sweet aspects – the shadows on the roof, the calm, Adirondack lake, the clouds, the light on the grass…

  2. This is my neck of the woods, John. I have seen this boathouse many times although never quite as lovely as this! My parents have a place at Raquette Lake and I go to Tupper, Long Lake, and Old Forge frequently. Such a beautiful place to photograph… I hope you’re having fun!

    1. Nice to hear from you, Denise! It’s great that you’re in the Adirondacks so often; I’ve been all around the country and there’s no place quite like it. Ciao 👋

  3. Wonderful image with alluring light wrapping house, shore, lake and distant mountain in a fleeting moment of
    tranquility. It reminds us to stop and dig these moments.

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