14 thoughts on “Behind The Ocean

    1. Thanks Lynn, I just shot it about two hours ago. Don’t you love the internet? 🙂

      It’s been an interesting series for me: a return to wide and vertical after a normal and mostly horizontal November. Glad you commented. As always, a humble thanks.

      1. Two hours ago – cool! And better than posting it on Instagram, in my opinion. I confess that I didn’t pick up on the vertical format but I did notice the wider angle. It’s good that you have found endless variety and countless possibilities in your surroundings after lving there quite a few years. Do you think being near water makes that easier?

        1. The water provides additional places to recreate, I suppose. Despite the density of the population and suburban sprawl, there are many deserted beaches (especially in winter). And to its credit, Long Island has managed to preserve a significant amount of it’s 1.1 million acres (over 100,000 acres in the central Pine Barrens and here on the South Fork: a fine network of trails).

          All of these places are full of what you wisely describe as “possibilities.”

    1. There’s so many great photographers to admire, but skies like these do take me back to those Ansel Adams instruction books that I used to pore through in my “salad” years. Thanks for commenting Linda. Glad you like the series. 🙂

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