10 thoughts on “6 / Normal Skies

  1. There’s something about farm equipment…and with the tracks in the foreground, the fog in the distance, the curve of those tree branches and that gorgeous sky, there’s a whole world there. Beautifully toned.

    1. What I’ve noticed about normal lenses is that they’re just wide enough to open the doors of narrative. When I was shooting this in that pre-dawn light I thought of any number of stories by Willa Cather. Thanks for the nice comment Lynn.

      1. What a phrase, a lens just wide enough to open the doors of narrative. That is something to chew on. I don’t have a particular kind of light or look associated with Cather in my mind but certainly, the Midwestern look and the agricultural atmosphere fits. Now I’m thinking it’s been many years since I read anything by her….

  2. Really great blending of tones, shapes, lines, and “meanings”–trees, tractor, clouds all mean something different, each awakening a different kind of emotion or memory. Yes, Cather, is a good association, as would be Sandburg.

    1. Thanks Gary- very interesting comment, especially how memories can influence not only the photographer, but also those observing the photograph. I think Roland Barthes touched on some of this in his wonderful “Camera Lucida.”

  3. Wow! Gorgeous. The rising fog in the mid ground complements the farm equipment and the boundless, hopeful sky giving the picture a timeless, placeless quality. It is taken on L.I. but could easily be a mid western farm or even the High Plains of eastern New Mexico. Beautiful start of a new day, that could serve as a metaphor for this country.

    1. Thanks Paul

      With farms, food and Long Island in mind, it’s the perfect time to thank you for all your fine work at the Long Island Cares food bank throughout the pandemic. There isn’t a better cause on Long Island.

      More info at licares.org.

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