Normal Skies / November 2020

I’ve assigned myself a November project. I hope to shoot and post a new photograph each day with the sky being featured prominently.

The goal: do it all in black and white with a normal focal length lens.

For most of this year, the sky has been all but absent in my viewfinder. At times, the lens presents an irresistible route to meaning, and for me that path has been found not much further than at arm’s length.

As I prepare to focus on larger landscapes it’s hard not to see a secondary view. We’re all yearning, it seems, for a different flow of life. Here in the United States that wish is fully entangled in the relentlessness of the Covid crisis, and the chaos of a national election. My hope is that these thirty photographs will be a very small part of a return to the normal skies.

14 thoughts on “Normal Skies / November 2020

  1. Dear John,

    Your project will be beautiful, as are your written words. Here is to “Normal” and peace.

    Stay well, Diane

    Diane Sabesin Tepper, Fine Art Photographer

  2. Lo seguirò con molto piacere anche perchè abbiamo bisogno di sperare che tutto questo finisca al più presto: abbiamo bisogno di bellezza!

    grazie John
    Saluti dall’Italia\Sardegna

  3. I’m excited about this, John, and I appreciate being able to read about your process and thinking. The idea of the camera lens presenting an arm’s length route to meaning is something to ponder. But meaning is all around us, I guess, depending on our intention – and attention. As for normalcy, I personally don’t expect to see that for quite some time but I could use some inspiration, and I expect I’ll find it here. I think the limitations of black and white and normal focal length for sky images will really force you to delve deeply into the work. Looking forward to it! 😉

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. It’s my hope that at least a few these pictures will sing their landscapes in a clear voice and without the distractions of color and optics. Stay safe… looking forward to more of your posts 🙂

  4. Hi John, I really appreciate your philosophical and times-rooted approach to your art. These are dark days, but there is beauty in black and white, and I am proud to be the owner of several of your earlier works in black and white, as well as color. I look forward to following.

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