6 thoughts on “Dream of Locusts

  1. Such a sweet reverie here, and so many fine details – the daffodils, the sky, the driveway and of course, the bark and the handsome house. 🙂 I hope all’s well with you, John. I’m glad you’re a bit out of the fray.

    1. Thanks for asking and thanks for liking the image. So far, we’re ok, although our county is getting hit very hard.

      Stay safe Lynn– your comments today were much appreciated.

        1. You’re right Lynn; it’s going to take time. We’re just shy of 21,000 cases here in Suffolk. For those not dealing with it directly, the anxiety and sadness can seem relentless. On the other hand, the courage and selflessness we’ve witnessed from our health care workers has been an unforgettable inspiration.

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