4 thoughts on “Codium Solo

  1. 🙂 I looked it up. Did you know that it originated in the Pacific around Japan but is now a North Atlantic invasive species? I didn’t. Things do get around. This image has a creepy look if you think about it that way. At the same time, I like the sculptural quality: it could be an installation. You had fun with it, right?

    1. Thanks Lynn. I wasn’t aware of the Pacific origin until your comment (this seaweed has been here for a while, having first showed up in Montauk in the 50’s). Suffice it to say, it’s crowding out the water much like Phragmites is crowding out the shore.

      You read my intentions here right down to the final dot. I wanted the image to look creepy and monumental. It was fun to work on, but more surprising than fun. Every now and then the process takes you somewhere unexpected.

      1. Yes, the style of this photo is unexpected, and I like it when we’re taken somewhere new. Invasive species are such a big problem everywhere – I was just looking at a blog post about a monkey (long-tailed macaque) that’s gotten out of hand in Mauritius. It’s a complicated issue with the government breeding the macaques for foreign use as lab subjects and using the money for local conservation. These invasive species problems can get so complicated.

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