27 thoughts on “Atlantic Nocturne

  1. While I love to see the world around me in all of the richness of its colors, I find that scenes that are muted down to shades of light and dark are often the most interesting. One sees what is normally missed in the distraction of color.

    1. Thanks Michael. Pictorialism provided some of the inspiration for this image, but a greater share came from the look of 19th century tintypes: metallic shadows and warm highlights.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn. As I’ve mentioned, these were inspired by some aspects of Pictorialism, but to a greater extent they reflect the fascination I have for 19th century tintypes. There is a haunting one of my great-grandmother taken in Europe in the 1860’s and the metallic shadowy look of that tiny image is reflected in all of these.

      1. It’s wonderful that an image of your own relative from another time and place moves forward to influence you in such subtle ways. When I was living in NY I didn’t look at photography that much in museums and galleries, preferring painting and sculpture, conceptual art, etc. I can go online and look at old tintypes and Pictorialist photos but it’s not the same as it would be to see them in person. Next time I’m in NY I’ll try to spend more time looking at photography. Thanks for talking about the influences.

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