14 thoughts on “Boreal Bed

    1. Thanks Linda

      With my recent color posts, I’ve been aiming for the look of Kodachrome 25 along with some of the color negative films I used to use (such as Ektar 25, especially on 120).

      And then there’s the gorgeous colors of those autochromes from the turn of the century. Much like the glimmering girl in Yeats’ “Wandering Aengus,” the look has been eluding me for years. 😊

      1. Ah, you sent me Googling. I never really worked with color negative film except for snapshots before my photography bug was born, but I made my share of images with Kodachrome 25 afterwards. I also confess that I didn’t know about autochromes! Thank you for sending me on a search for them. How much more real the depictions of that era are in color. And what lovely color. I look forward to your further adventures in chasing down (with Yeats) the glimmering girl.

  1. Boreal most anything is interesting. 🙂 This particular kind of lichen, the ground view, the colors – love it. Like Linda, I didn’t know what autochromes were, though once I googled, the look was familiar. There’s a warmth there.

    1. Thanks Lynn, I agree that anything Boreal is interesting from the get-go. You might want to look at the two YouTube links about Autochromes that I left in the thread up above with Linda.

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