11 thoughts on “Alewife Brook

    1. Thanks Lynn; sometimes those clear skies have a lot going on.

      There’s a great scene in Mike Leigh’s “Turner” where the painter gets his portrait made by a daguerreian. He may have had a bit of interest in photography, but I doubt he grasped the extent that his wonderful paintings would influence us over a century later.

      1. No, he couldn’t have. And what would he think, or have to say, about the difference between seeing a work in person and viewing it on the internet? Not to say there isn’t value in seeing art on a screen, of course, there is. But….

        1. The curmudgeon in me likes to think he’d be unimpressed with viewing any sort of artwork on the internet and would be horrified at the fact that more photographs are taken every two seconds nowadays, than were taken in the first 75 years of photography.

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