11 thoughts on “Wooden Grain Elevators • North Dakota, Summer 1977

  1. This begins the process of posting some work from the salad years.

    I never made an enlarger print of this image, so aside from its presence on my contact sheet for the last 40 years, this is the first time the photograph has seen the light of day.

    The original was photographed on Kodak Plus X with a 28mm lens on a Minolta.

    1. Many thanks Simon. The photograph was made many years ago, but the treatment is current. It’s interesting the way photography permits us to compress the years.

    1. Sadly, the high plains of North Dakota are another world now, thanks to the recent boom fueled by natural gas. I’m glad you like the image; thanks for commenting Lynn.

      1. Oh, I bet! I’ve never been there but I’ve seen buildings grain storage (?) like those on people’s blogs, from places like the Dakotas and Canada.The buildings aspire, yet they’re lonely.

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