6 thoughts on “Sinistra

  1. Wonderful, John. Would love to hear the backstory or inspiration for these photos. Or would that destroy the magic?

    1. Thanks Alan– my apologies; a backstory is almost always a good idea. 🙂

      I was shooting conventional portraits of the juggler (my son) when I started seeing interesting things happen when I crouched low and moved in closer. I decided to shoot two sets of high-burst images at the widest aperture: one with the digital shutter and one without. These photographs were taken with the digital shutter (most apparent in the curved shape of the middle knife on the vertical image). I also liked several images I shot with the mechanical shutter, and I might post a few of those as well.

      The “artifacts” created by the digital shutter are a bit like looking into the 4th dimension. 😉

      1. Thanks John. Had no idea that shutters now come in both digital and mechanical forms and that the former produces certain artifacts.

        From all you say, I assume that no human beings were harmed in the course of making the pictures — neither photographer nor subject — and that your work will not be impeded as a result 🙂

        1. Digital shutters (aka “electronic shutters”) are what you have in smart phones and just about every point and shoot camera these days. Professional cameras come with the option of either. I often opt for the e-shutter because it’s quiet and because of an unproven hunch that there’s reduced vibration and less wear-and tear on the camera.

          What it does, essentially, is roll the recorded light down the sensor, so that in situations involving high velocity, you can record movement with a distinctive look. Interestingly, they will not function properly under florescent lights unless you use a shutter speed of less than 1/60th of a second.

          Happy to report: no one was hurt. 🙂

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